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Please note: The only accepted ad file format is PDF/X-1a (saved to PDF/X-1A standards).

Ads should be at least 300 dpi and in CMYK color format. We do not print Pantone colors, so any spot colors should be converted to CMYK.

Full-page ads that are meant to bleed should have an extra 1/8” of bleed space around all 4 sides, and live materials (text and non-bleed images) should be at least ¼”-1/2” from the trim edge. Bleed ads should incorporate crop marks.

Fractional ads that will not bleed off the page should not be submitted with bleed.

Please refer to your media kit for correct ad dimensions.

Troubleshooting Common PDF Problems - Click each item for more info:

Low Res Ad

RGB Colors

Low Res AND RGB Colors

Spot Colors


Missing Fonts

Bleed Dimensions

Trim Violations